Airports & Airlines vs Bagsahead…

February 1st 2018
Airports & Airlines vs Bagsahead…

By Vince Essex – Director, Bagsahead Ltd

If like me, you know the worse part about any journey has to be the luggage part.

Right from trying to fit all my suitcases and other items into the boot of my car (of which I am sure I would have been better placed to win the Krypton Factor). Unloading them at the airport, who now seem to park you a bus ride away in another town as well. Oh and did I mention that bus only comes every 15 to 20 minutes!

Placing them on trolleys, heading off to check-in to queue (maybe even twice if we are going skiing as we need to drop our ski’s off at the oversize desk) to offloading them onto those airport check-in scales, where you are all waiting eagerly to find out if you are under the famous 20kg allowance set by most airlines. Then they will happily charge you around £10 a kilo excess baggage for the privilege – wow!

Even at these new swanky “Speedy bag drops” you still have to queue. Then of course waiting at the luggage carousel for your bags when you arrive at your destination. I could write a blog purely about waiting for luggage at overseas airports!

Why is it me that always gets the baggage trolley with a dodgy wheel? The one with the release brake that you need to be the worlds strongest man to press down on? Nowadays, you never see a free one either.

Airlines and Airports will try and charge you for everything and anything nowadays……People hitting you with their trolleys, impatient kids, you always joining the shortest queue to find the person in front taking forever! Trying to find somewhere to return the trolley to. I feel the list is never ending to this horrid part of the journey. This is all before you have seen an ounce of sunshine or snow and even got on the plane.

Plus on indirect routes, luggage transfers are known to not always go to plan. 28 million people a year arrive to find their case missing! Even if they’ve paid for excess luggage.

This is why Chris and I decided to create Bagsahead. As Chris frequently reminds me, he is often not even talking to his wife by the time they get on the plane after the airport part 🙂

Sending your bags ahead with Bagsahead, removes all of this unnecessary grief and stress. By the time you even leave for the airport, your luggage will be waiting for you at your destination. So as we say, you can leave your house with nothing except your passport and some dreams, oh and little bit of hand luggage – if you need it.

Ryanair, Easyjet, Wizz and Norwegian to name a few will all charge you to check-in a bag. After studying these airlines and more, you can pay anywhere from £35 to £70 one way for up to a 20kg bag. Of course, this depends on how you book, where you have booked to and how late you have booked.

Bagsahead offer a fixed price, much more convenient way. For example, a 30 kilo bag door to door all the way to your hotel/home is just £28.00 to France.

So what do you get? A whopping 10 kgs more and a fully delivered door to door service together with peace of mind knowing your luggage has already arrived before you step into the airport. This enables you to travel hands free. Most airlines offer a free 10kg of hand luggage giving each person 30kg of luggage total on their holiday, but Ryanair recently changed their policy on this.

If you now wish to guarantee you take your hand luggage and a handbag on board you need to buy their “Priority Boarding” for an extra £10 return. This will allow you to board first and get the space you need. However, if you have to board a bus first to get to plane, you may not necessarily board first to be able to do this though.

Ryanair carry 129 million people plus a year and for one I will be one of those that use them, why? Because they are cheap (if you book early enough or book selective routes on sale). I have ended up paying 3 times as much per person once I have selected a fare and checked out. Bagsahead has a price policy of the price you see is the price you pay.

I refuse to pay for an additional bag airport to airport when Bagsahead can send it for less. They can take it all the way from my home to my hotel and back again.  This leaves us to travel far easier and with a greater peace of mind – simple

Give us try and see if your next journey is far less hassle!

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