Benefits…a bullet point blog….by Bagsy

April 3rd 2017
Benefits…a bullet point blog….by Bagsy

We personally see our luggage delivery service as the future of luggage….

Bagless travel has finally arrived!

We can see a time when sending your luggage ahead will be the norm. With airlines constantly increasing pricing and making it more and more difficult for people to take luggage with them and with us all constantly striving for an easier life, dragging luggage with you and waiting round at carousels with fingers crossed will be a thing of the past…

We also appreciate that people don’t always want to read blogs that go on, and on, and on….

So…here in bullet point form is a number of reasons why we believe you should use our luggage delivery service..

No more lugging luggage to the airport
Book a standard taxi instead of a more expensive people carrier/mini bus
No more worrying over the amount of clothes you take because of weight restrictions
No more waiting round at check-ins
No more checking in TWICE because you’ve taken your Golf Bag or Skis with you
No more finding out at check-in that there is no room for your Golf Bag and Skis
No more waiting around at carousels to see if your luggage made it & if it’s still in one piece
It’s not just the taxi from your home, there’s also the one from the airport to your hotel
Nice and easy on the way home aswell, just leave your items with hotel and we’ll do the rest
All our services our DOOR To DOOR, whereas with Airlines it is just AIRPORT To AIRPORT

A quick pricing example…to take a set of skis to France on Ryanair is £45.00 (Airport to Airport, each  way) for the same price we can carry this all the way from your home to your hotel / chalet!

PLUS…you get an extra 3 kilos with our service so you can chuck in your ski boots and socks aswell!

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