What do we do?

This is probably the question we get asked the most…We love it because we unashamedly enjoy talking about what we do.

Basically, we ship your luggage to and from anywhere in the world on a door to door basis.

So, when you go on holiday, rather than taking your cases to the airport, we just collect them from your house (or office, or pretty much anywhere). We then deliver them to your destination hotel (overseas home, chalet, golf course etc etc)

This has many, many benefits. Some that are not always obvious and can have a real positive impact on your journey and your pocket.

Firstly, it’s just loads easier. We’ve all arrived at check-in desks a tad sweaty, with bruised shins and maybe even a little stressed. This should be the total opposite of going on holiday! We created the business because of our experience of holidays. Especially when the children are young, is great aside from anything to do with luggage! From getting a people carrier or mini bus purely because of bags (more expense already) to waiting round at carousels to find out if your bag will arrive and still be in one piece. Again, we’ve all seen the standalone handle going round and round and round the carousel.

On a more serious point, around 28 million people lose their luggage every year. This can be a dreadful way to start a holiday and a very frustrating way to end it.

Also, with airlines seeming to constantly increase baggage charges it is getting more and more expensive to take your luggage with you. Not to mention that because of weight restrictions people are not taking everything with them they may want. Seems strange to pick a destination you’ve been looking forward to seeing all your life but not be able to take a full choice of clothes for the nights out!

Or on the opposite side of the spectrum are the overpackers…

Imagine being able to take whatever you want and just have it collected from your house or place of work and not seeing it again until you arrive at your hotel, bliss.

It gets even more awkward and costly when you want to take bulky items with you, items such as golf bags and skis. Airlines basically don’t want them in their way. This is why their luggage charges are constantly increasing.

All of our services are door to door . An airline service is of course only airport to airport.

Another significant advantage of our service is visibility. Luggage is normally only scanned once when you take it on a plane from an airport (in the baggage sortation area). So after you wave it goodbye it is all down to chance that it actually gets on a flight. Then preferably it has to be the right one!
You have the benefit of knowing we offer a fully tracked bar coded service. Shipments will be tracked multiple times with a minimum of at least 5 times. Bagsahead also monitor every single shipment and keep you informed of progress, culminating in the final POD (proof of delivery) signature. We provide this for you to recover your items upon arrival at your destination. We work closely with every receiving point. It is not uncommon for your items to be literally in your bedroom waiting for you when you arrive.

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You can use our service for both short and long haul destinations where of course the financial and consequential benefits can vary…One thing we always guaranteed is our first class customer service!

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