When will I receive my outbound luggage labels?

Your Labels together with our guide on “How to prepare your luggage” will be e-mailed or posted to you within 7 days of your allocated collection date. If you have booked within 24 hours of collection date, your labels will be emailed shortly after you have made your online reservation.

When will I receive my return luggage labels?

If you have made a return journey reservation, both sets of labels will be emailed or posted to you within 7 days of your outbound collection date. If you have booked within 24 hours of collection date, both sets of labels will be emailed shortly after you have made your online reservation.

How can I track my luggage?

Our team monitors all shipments so you don’t have to, you will receive automated updates from us via text or e-mail. If you do require any further information above the automated tracking information you receive you can simply call, email or pop on line and speak to Bagsy and the team.

Do you charge for remote area deliveries?

Once your reservation is made, we will automatically check your delivery postcode is within normal delivery zones limits. On very limited occasions, we may need to add an additional out of areas surcharge of between £15-25 for a delivery AND/OR a collection from an area classed as remote or extended. This is mainly Ski Destinations and other areas much further away from major towns and cities. If you are unsure prior to a booking you can simply call, e-mail or ask Bagsy online and we can check immediately if any area will attract this surcharge. These charges are very rare however.

What can I NOT place into my luggage?

Please check our Prohibited & Restricted Items which can be found by clicking here. As a general rule, such as shower gels, shampoo’s etc… and other goods used for holidays or a trip can be packed. Unfortunately, you CANNOT pack any Perfumes, Aftershaves, Aerosol Canisters etc…

What time will my items be collected?

We are unable to give exact collection or delivery times. It will always be between the hours of 0900 hrs and 1700 hrs Monday to Friday. Weekend collection can be arranged but will attract additional charges. On occasions, we may be able to specify a two-hour collection window, but this will be subject to traffic conditions and collection area.

How long will my luggage take to get home?

Return transit times can vary and we always work to a “quick as possible” transit time. Variables include, which country we are collecting from, transport method of return journey used, traffic conditions and of course excluding any strikes or similar conditions. A return journey is approximately the same as an outbound journey and generally 3 days for Europe and 3-7 working days for the rest of the world. At the time of booking, you will be shown an estimated return date based on your departure date.

How many days in advance do I need to book?

You can book up to 364 days in advance of when you want your luggage collected. Collections are made Monday to Friday. We can collect next day if we receive your booking prior to 15:00 hrs the previous working day.  You will receive your labels prior to collection. Our service in the UK is either a 24 or 48-hour service, Europe 2-3 days and globally 3-7 days. When you make a booking with us our system will calculate and inform you of the required collection date.

Will my luggage be X-Rayed?

All luggage will be X-Rayed, so please bear this in mind when packing certain items. Please check our prohibited items list here, as rejected items will cause delays and can incur additional charges.

How do I attach my labels?

We always suggest you use some very strong tape, preferably duck tape. This is a very strong tape and works well on all types of luggage, materials and plastics. Place the labels onto your luggage and tape all the way around the edge and / or around the whole suitcase. We suggest you place multiple labels to each piece of luggage and even one inside the luggage if you so wish, just place it loosely inside. You can even laminate labels, use a hole punch to insert a hole and cable the laminated label around the handle.  Other ways include placing the label in a clear wallet and securely sealing the wallet to your item to be shipped.

How do I prepare my suitcase?

All types of suitcases are accepted. As with everything, we always recommend you protect your bag and contents as much as possible. A wrap of some form to help protect your bag against scuffs and bumps as it travels via the network is always a good idea. We recommend your baggage is never locked due to customs and security reasons but you can lock it securely with a cable tie for example. Any handles should be secure and pushed down. Suitcases with wheels have become more common however suitcases with items protruding are obviously more prone to damage. Remember you can always select higher insurance cover than our complimentary cover. This is available during the booking process.

How do I prepare my Box?

Boxes are the preferred way to ship as they are sturdy double and designed to hold the weight packed. Boxes can be taped for security and strength. You can run added tape around the box and we recommend you use plain brown boxes.

How do I get a discount?

You may have obtained a voucher code from an affiliate. You can simply enter this code and it will display any % discount offered. As we offer a price guarantee we will always be the cheapest for anything you want to send anywhere in the world. If you would like to become an affiliate yourself, please get in touch.

What are your opening hours?

You can book online 24 hours a day, if you need assistance over the phone, we are open Monday to Friday 0900 – 1730 hrs on our main number 0333 444 8000 and online chat is available 0800-2000 Monday to Friday.

What happens if I miss my collection?

We are able to see why the collection has missed and can rearrange accordingly. If a collection is not made and a new date it set, this will affect the total transit time and this should be considered if your ship is of an urgent nature. To most destinations we can offer an increased 24 or 48 hours service subject to Customs and we can provide you a quotation for this.

I need a quicker transit time?

At present we do not offer our express product to book online. However, we offer a range of next working day (24 hour and 48 hour) worldwide services and we can offer you a bespoke quote on a quicker transit time by simply calling, emailing or accessing our online chat.

Do you collect at weekends and Bank Holidays?

We only collect on business working days Monday to Friday as standard.  We can collect on a weekend or on a bank holiday but this will attract extra charges.

I want to move multiple pieces to one destination?

Having built businesses with over 25 years of experience in international shipping, baggage delivery and logistics – Bagsahead can offer a huge range of solutions from multiple pick ups to one delivery address i.e group bookings and also one pick up to multiple drop off destinations. Just call, email or web chat for more information and prices.

Do you offer general cargo shipping?

As our motto says “Whatever, wherever, whenever” We have a vast range of solutions to every destination in the world whether it be one jiffy bag or multiple containers. The bagsahead team has over 50 years of combined experience in moving literally anything anywhere. Just call, email or web chat for a price or information on these services.

How do I prepare my bike?

The best way to transport a bike due to size and shape is either in a purpose built bike box/carrier or a cardboard box. Moving a bike on bagsahead is simple and we allow the bike and box to weigh 15kgs and measure no more than 130cms long x 90 cms high and 30 cms in width. This is chargeable at 70kgs due to the space taken up and is all accounted for within the price we have quoted you. Please ensure the bike is fit for transit and any parts are well packed within the box. Bubble wrap is useful for transporting bikes as a packing to protect moving parts.

Do I have to be there to handover my luggage?

You do not personally need to hand your items over but they do need to be presented to the driver by someone. So this can be a friend, neighbour, family member, receptionist, concierge etc etc. Please note we can not collect unattended items from porches, sheds, driveways etc.

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