Bike shipping

Bike Shipping

Our bike shipping service makes travelling for your adventure holiday ‘Raleigh’ easy. Yes, we can even ship your bike to your destination. Taking a bike with you can be a real pain, especially on flights and trains. Airlines will first remove excess bulky items such as bikes when they are tight on space. Airlines will never guarantee your bike to arrive with you, even though you may have paid extra for it.

It’s so much easier to have these sent ahead with our bike shipping service, so you can relax and save yourself excess surcharges. For the bikes protection, you will need to make sure it is packed sufficiently in a bike bag or box.

Whether you are entering a competition or just taking it with you on holiday for a run out, shipping it ahead is such an easy solution. You will always have the added comfort factor that the Bagsahead team monitor every single shipment. We will always update you along the way, together with final delivery confirmation once its arrived.

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