Excess luggage shipping

Excess Luggage Shipping

Airlines are constantly increasing charges to take a bag in the hold and also for excess luggage. They are making it more and more difficult for passengers to take as many items as they would like. The Bagsahead excess luggage service is not only cost effective, but it has a very generous weight allowance. You can now take all the items you need and want without worrying. No more putting half of your outfits back once you’ve weighed your case. Pack as much as you like. If you were at home and planning a night out you might try on 2 or 3 outfits before deciding, why should that be any different on holiday?

This is also very useful if you are travelling for an extended period, maybe visiting family oversees. Send everything you would want in advance so it is there waiting for you when you arrive.

These are some examples of the current airline excess baggage charges in 2018:

All of these charges are airport to airport only, not door to door like Bagsahead

British Airways – £65.00 per bag one way

Easyjet – £35-£45 per bag one way

Ryanair – £10 per kilo one way

Jet2.com – £12 per kilo one way

Wizz – £38.50 – £109.50* per bag one way *depending when booked

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