Standard luggage shipping

Luggage Shipping

Though we are experts in specialist equipment such as snowboards and golf bags, the items we move the most are standard luggage items. Yep, just your clothes, sun cream and your favourite holiday hat. It can be expensive and stressful to take your personal items with you when you travel. Airlines will restrict you to as little as a 15 kilo allowance. If you go over this they will charge you between £30 and £70 one way for a bag or on average £10 per kilo.

You can pack more than you normally would by using the Bagsahead luggage shipping service. This means more outfit choices for your nights out. More importantly, it will make the journey to the airport, checking in and the arrival process so much quicker and easier. No more waiting at check-in. No more waiting for your luggage at your destination. As we say, you can now leave your home or workplace with just your passport and some dreams. We have to say though, the latter may not apply if you are travelling on business!

In addition, the Bagsahead team fully monitor your shipment ALL the way, giving you peace of mind. Horror stories of luggage being left behind is commonplace. Over 28 million items of luggage every year do not make flights. Don’t be one of these and send your bagsahead.

Your luggage to us is top priority, it’s what we do everyday. When an airline has operational constraints they will first remove items of passengers luggage. Some aircraft may need to take more fuel or it could be overweight. Also, items of baggage can simply not be loaded or it can miss its connection at a hub. The Bagsahead service completely bypass this possible eventuality. By using our own integrated services, together with our partners global infrastructure, it is extremely unlikely we would ever move your items through conventional commercial airlines.

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