Musical instruments shipping

Musical instrument shipping

There’s no need to ‘fret’, taking a musical instrument anywhere in the world can be a real pain, especially on flights and trains. We ship musical instruments all over and its something we have specialised in for many years. Musical instruments are the type of things that need special care and treatment when being transported and Bagsahead fully understand this. Excess bulky items such as instruments are the first things to get removed from flights when they are tight on space. This is why airlines never guarantee for your musical item to arrive with you on your flight. It’s so much easier to have these sent ahead so you can relax and save yourself any excess surcharges with the airline.

In addition, if you are travelling in a group or as part of an ensemble/orchestra we can arrange to ship all your items together for added convenience. Also if you are a musician, arrive stress-free and performance-ready. Remember, our team monitors every single shipment providing you updates along the way giving you added comfort and peace of mind.

Not to mention, we already include complimentary musical instrument insurance coverage of £75.00. It is also possible to extend the insurance coverage. If you need more assistance with shipping a musical instrument, you can always get in touch via our online chat.


We offer complimentary insurance cover of £75.00 on each booking.

£150 of cover for only £5

£250 of cover for only £8

£500 of cover for only £11

£750 of cover for only £14

£1000 of cover for only £17

£1500 of cover for only £20

We can arrange increased insurance cover over £1500.oo if you require this.

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