Surfboard shipping

Surfboard Shipping

‘Wave’ farewell to your surfboard at your home or your workplace with our surfboard shipping service. We ship surfboards from anywhere. You will be safe knowing our team will fully monitor your surfboard throughout its journey. We can ship your surfboard individually or as a group to your hotel or resort very easily.

Even getting it to the airport is a bit of a hassle nowadays. You won’t have to lug it to and through the airport by yourself no more. Firstly, you need a people carrier or a van rather than a normal sized car if there’s a few of you. Then you have to check in twice. Once at the normal check in desk and then again at the oversize check in desk. When you finally make it to the bar awaiting your flight, it’s a bit of a stress and an expensive one at that!

If you have paid extra for a surfboard, the airline will not guarantee it will travel with you. Airlines regularly remove surfboards due to their size, if they are short on space.

To ensure safe delivery of your surfboard, you will need to ensure it is sufficiently packed for the journey. So, remember – ship surfboards around the world with us!

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