First of all, we are still very much in a free circulation environment within Europe…..which means……..

Your shipments do NOT need to go through formal clearance processes, which is great….There are still some rules and important factors to consider. If you are ever stuck on anything, the Bagsahead team are always here to help – just ask!

In essence, we can ship easily throughout Europe. This means your items enjoy a faster transit time than areas further afield.

Bagsy and the team of course keep a close eye on customs regimes and we will endeavor to offer the most up to date information available. Our processes and website our constantly assessed and updated to cover current regulations….

But with regards free movement within Europe…’s business as usual.

*Certain items are prohibited but these are all listed here on our prohibited items list. To ensure a smooth transit of your shipment, it is very important none of the items are packed inside your luggage.

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